fine motor

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    Adjustable Therapeutic Ankle Weights

    atented weights feature contour foam, wraparound construction and quick-touch fasteners with extra-strength grommets for easy storage. Cushioned flaps keep weights secure.

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    Double Weight Rack

    Weight can hold up to 32 cuff weights and 22 dumbbells. Full length mirror with polished edges and ANSI safety backing. Two rods hold 6 hollow core 50 yard band rolls.

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    Mobile Cuff Weight/Dumbell Rack

    Mobile weight and band rack can hold up to 64 cuff weights and 22 dumbbells. Two rods hold 6 hollow core 50 yard band rolls. Solid surfaces with sliding hook system

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    Multi-Cultural Rhythm Set

    Celebrate diversity. This unique set showcases appealing instruments from different countries around the world. Set includes African Agogo Bells, 20" Chilean Rainstick,

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    25-Hole Pegboard wtih Color Pegs

    The 10"-square lacquered pegboard has 25 holes spaced 1" apart, into which 25 1" round color pegs (red, blue, yellow and green) can be inserted.

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    Clinic in a box

    Birch plywood box on easy-roll casters includes a wide array of challenges for increasing function: ROM and flexibility, strengthening, fine and gross motor coordination

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    Finger Fitness Spheres

    Legendary lightweight metal balls are used for exercising the forearm, wrist and hand muscles. When held as a pair in one hand and manipulated clockwise and counter-clockwise.

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    Body Sox

    Fun, therapeutic sacks constructed from four-way stretch Lycra® with a Velcro® opening. Translucent, so individuals can see shapes around them. No color choice.

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    Sensa Trek

    Stimulate visual, tactile, auditory skills with the SensaTrak! Each transparent vinyl tube is filled with colored balls that provide all kinds of sensory effects as they tumble through the brightly-colored chambers. Also, kids can learn their A-B-Cs

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    Gel Shapes for Lightbox

    Uniquely shaped vinyl pads containing colorful water-based gel provide visual and tactile stimulation. Each contains a marble that users can push through the gel to enhance stimulation.

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    SensaRock is great for kids with sensory processing disorders and large motor deficiencies. This inflatable rocker constructed of durable vinyl has 40 balls that tumble around inside when moved, and features six easy-grip handles, and letters and number

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    Magical Lightbox

    Enhance any room with the optical light show from the Magical Light Box. This weighty brick changes color, no matter which way it is placed. Children will watch the bricks changing color, wondering what color they will turn next. Helps improve cognition,

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    Institutional Parachute

    Ambulatory and wheel-chair dependent groups of children or adults can enjoy the visually stimulating activity of raising and lowering this large parachute. Used to improve upper extremity range of motion, trunk strength, and cardiovascular fitness. 

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    Co-op Blanket

    Constructed of four-way heavy-duty stretch Lycra® sewn into an 8' circle. These blankets provide propioceptive feedback, gross motor control, and more normalized muscle movements. Usable by one-on-one work or group therapy, blankets include suggested activities and are perfect for sensory work.

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    Huggee Miss You Dolls

    A simple hug can often mean the world to someone when they’re having a bad time. That’s why the Huggee Miss You collection is so endearing, and perfect for those who need the comforting and reassurance of a friendly face. Each “friend” has an embroidered

stimulation products


Cando Roll up Exercise bar

Resistance can be increased by rotating the bar to shorten the length of the exercise tubing and create more tension. Rollup bar comes standard with an 8-foot strip

PRE Weight Cuffs

Wrap comfortably around your body. Soft, flexible, weighted neoprene covered tubes are 28" barbell style. Soft, nylon end-stirrups may be used as handles for upper-body

Power Stride Weight Belt

Touch fastener provides easy donning. Padded pockets hold weights securely without pressure on the stomach or spine. Weights can be added or removed as needed




Activity Board

Neurological trauma requires intense and immediate attention. The treatment must be as overpowering as the trauma


Finger Extension Remedial Game

Heavy pressed board with nonskid feet. Two sided: turn over the checkerboard for a solitaire jumping game. 32 square plastic checkers with Velcro® hook & loop playing surface.


Multi Purpose Exercise Device

Develop balance, coordination, cooperation and communication skills with this unique walking platform. The Twin Walker allows for two to play together


Cando Plyometric Coloured Balls

The color-coded balls are small and flexible enough to grasp with one hand. 5" diameter.


Countour Weights

Comfortable soft suede cuff allows isolated wrist exercises for clinic use. For progressive resistive or assistive exercises,



Functional Hand Weights

Two work stations in one. Focuses on proximal stability and strengthening at the shoulder, while the Pronation-Supination Activity works on proximal and distal mobility.


Sand Tray Accessories

11 piece set includes a window cleaner, acrylic glass sand pen (8" high), plastic spiky ball, 2 wooden magnetic ladybugs & control sticks, and 4 sturdy wooden tray legs, 4" high. A fun way to teach early writing skills, magnetic principles, patterning, and more


Hourglass Sand/Water Table

Allows simultaneous use of sensory materials — sand and water, beans, noodles, rice or balls. Separate compartments provide case for transferring items one side to the other. Provides tactile and proprioceptive stimulation, hand skill development, social


Tubular Vibrator

Soft, flexible, revolutionary design conforms to body shape to surround the body with vibrations. Switch-activated, this padded vibrator can be wrapped around almost any part of the body to provide tactile feedback. Measures 30.5"L x 3"D.


Feelie Mat

This large 60" x 60" mat has lots of different surfaces to be explored by crawling around. Each fabric patch has a various texture, and can be removed for washing. Base is made from wipe-clean, fire-retardant PVC fabric.



Portable art board quickly, easily reproduces almost anything 3-D. Rows of moveable pins respond to things pushing against them. Stimulates the senses and imagination. 5" x 7" x 21/2". Ages 2 and up.

1502Jumbo Tactile Boards

Basic symbols embossed in sand on 10 large boards develop tracing, early writing, and tactile perception skills. Child traces the symbol and repeats it on paper or sand. Detailed activity guide included.