aids to daily living (ADL)

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    Adult Feeding Evaluation Kit

    This recently updated kit contains a variety of special eating utensils selected to help explore and solve the problems which delay or prevent self-feeding. The 18 items included represent all areas of need. Kit is packaged in an attaché case for convenient use. Latex free. Pediatric/Youth Feeding Evaluation Kit also available.

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    One-Handed Kitchen Helper Kit

    These specially selected products help anyone who functions with the use of only one hand. The kit includes a Rocker Knife (1411), a Zim Jar and Bottle Opener (3086), a Hi-D Paring Board (3099), and an EZ Squeeze One-Handed Can Opener (9205-78). Latex Free.

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    Automatic Faucet Control™

    Installs quickly on any kitchen or bathroom faucet for easy water release and conservation. Eliminates the need to turn water off and on and requires only gentle pressure from the back of hand or a finger to operate. Includes sink faucet adaptor. Unit extends 2¾" from faucet. Latex free.

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    Clearvoice 200 Emergency Big Button Phone with Remote

    Press the button on the remote to answer the telephone when it rings. The speaker phone is now activated which allows you to have a hands-free conversation from up to 20 feet from the base. The remote can also turn on an emergency function that sounds a loud internal alarm to alert other people in the house. It dials up to 10 pre-set phone numbers, and delivers your pre-recorded emergency message. 80-foot range emergency activation.

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    Ease In/Out Car Seat

    Rotates for those who have difficulty swiveling to get in and out of a car. Durable black vinyl cover. Diameter 15". Weight limit 800lbs.

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    Tilt Top Overbed Table

    New design features fingertip convenience for both height and tilt adjustments. 15" x 30" Gunstock Walnut top tilts 33° in either direction. Raised T-banding keeps articles in place when top is tilted. Can be raised anywhere from 28"–45" high. 1½" twin wheel casters, durable construction. 50 lbs weight capacity. Latex free.

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    Clearview Head Pointer

    Headpiece has a unique, adjustable elastic strapping system of strong, lightweight graphite/glass composite lined with anti-bacterial treated foam for comfortable wear.

dressing aids

Cuff Collar

Cuff and Collar Button Extender

Most hands slip through easily. Collars and cuffs are increased by ½" for added comfort. Extender is constructed of durable fabric. Package of 3.



Buckingham Bra- Angel

Specifically designed to assist those with mild to moderate upper limb restrictions or limited hand dexterity.



Button Hooks with Sipper Pull

Two aids in one — the Hook answers buttoning needs, and the Zipper pull attaches to hard-to-handle zipper tabs, making it easier to zip. Adds leverage to small zippers.



Hip Kit

Kit comes in plastic bag, and includes four self-care items for those who cannot bend at the hip. The kit includes a Foam Handle Shoehorn, Feather Reach Economy Reacher, Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid and Long Scrub Sponge.


Teri-Treds™ Slippers

Our finest quality slipper, Teri-Treds have a new high-top knit cuff for added patient comfort. The super-flex sole allows a full range of mobility. Constructed of plush terry cloth and nylon.


HealthDri™ Diabetic Socks

Addresses the problems of the diabetic and anyone requiring extra cushioning for sore or sensitive feet. Made with Amicor™ microbial fibers to control odor that won't wash out. Provides superior protection, fit and comfort for cooler, drier feet.


Clamp on Docking Station

The 5/8" diameter non-scratch plastic disc attaches firmly to lap tray, desk or table. 14" flexible tube forms to any position. Holds 3 mouth sticks (not included).



Deluxe Dressing Stick

Assists in applying and removing clothing. 5/8"-diameter wooden dowel. Finished with lacquer with reinforced hook. Can also be used to push or pull objects.



Buttoner-Zipper Pull

A combination button hook and zipper pull. Bendable metal cuff coated with plastic, contours to fit the hand. Loops are stainless steel. Latex free.