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    Adapt-a-reach with Suction Cups

    Get clients up and walking sooner with the Lift Walker. Prevent falls and staff injury during gait training and standing transfers. Benefits of ambulation such as increased balance and endurance, improved range of motion and circulation.

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    The Versatile Leckey® Toilet/Shower Chair

    This multifunctional seat offers both toileting and shower uses. Its wide mobile base allows it to be wheeled directly over a toilet, into a shower or simply stand alone as a commode. Remove the base and it can be mounted onto any standard toilet with an optional mounting bracket.

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    Tumble Forms 2® Deluxe Square Module Seating System.

    Designed to support and position children with neurological impairments, ideal for a variety of settings. 10 positioners include one box seat, two long rectangles, two short rectangles, two triangles, two round disks and one ring. Base measures 20" x 20" x 11”. Latex free.

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    Tumble Forms 2® Feeder Seat® Positioner

    Originally developed for feeding, the Feeder Seat can be used for any short-term activity in the home, clinic or school. It's a great alternative to the child’s wheelchair or stander. Easy to get the child in and out of, the Feeder Seat Positioner allows good basic positioning without complicated adjustments. It comes in four sizes to accommodate infants through adolescents and multiple colors.

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    Flamingo Seat for Toileting and Bathing

    Designed with several different positioning options, the Flamingo Seat can be positioned over a toilet, tilted over a sink or bathtub, or wheeled into a shower. And, with optional suction cups, the removable seat can be securely placed in the tub for bathing. Base model includes seat, back, splash guard, footrest and mobile frame.

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Children can use this easy-to-move device as a standing walker or for scooting around while seated. Its features include: Adjustable height base


Deluxe Child Walker

This blue wheeled walker is for children 2 to 8 years and can be used for walking or sitting. Padded body ring opens in rear for easy entry and exit. Folds down for storage


Pediatric Light Gait Mobility Frames

These devices help clinicians who provide therapy to children. These mobility frames are designed using the latest advances in supported gait training and pre-gait development










Power Pumper

Creates independence and is therapeutic. Children experience aerobic pumping action. Helps improve coordination, endurance, upper and lower extremity strength, and organization. For ages 5–11 years.


Nurmi Neo

For children requiring positioning aids and support during ambulation and various stages of gait development. Includes reverse roll locks on the rear wheels and swivel


Pedal Walkers

Develop balance, coordination, cooperation and communication skills with this unique walking platform. The Twin Walker allows for two to play together