electric massagers

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    Compact Rechargeable 2-Speed Massager

    Its light weight and small size are ideal for self-use by those with limited muscle strength, arthritis, etc. Compact yet powerful. Has special head section with nibs, concentrator ring and toning tips. The wrist strap prevents dropping. Features two speeds, wide head and rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries (included). Runs approximately 25 minutes on a single charge

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    G5™ Pro Power® Massager

    This versatile, durable hand-held unit features a powerful motor, variable speed control and applicator package. Its Directional-Stroking® is a rhythmic, gyratory, stroking motion that produces deep, penetrating forces parallel and perpendicular to the body. The deep-penetrating gyratory forces over-stimulate nerve endings, allowing muscles to relax. Continuous variable speed range of 20 to 50 cycles per second.

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    Jeanie Rub® Variable-Speed with Accessory Posts

    This version of our Jeanie Rub allows you to vary the speed of the massager from 1400 to 4600 rpm. Lower speeds deliver a more soothing massage, while faster speeds are more invigorating. Features an easily adjustable switch placed conveniently near your fingertips. Provides deep-penetrating action that safely relaxes tight muscles and stimulates circulation for all body types. Ideal for personal health, fitness and sports massage. With the accessory posts you can add precise, trigger point and pressure point therapy to your massage.

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    Maxi Rub

    Deep muscle penetration. Relieves tension and stress. Stimulates local circulation. Soothes and relaxes aching muscles with soft Vibrating Pad. Vibrating frequencies: 3500 rpm High, 2800 rpm Low 
    - Power Source: 120V, 60Hz, 1Amp. 10 foot cord 
    - Weight: 6 lbs

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    SoloMAX Massage Tool

    This unique self-massage tool offers the user multiple attachment options for different types of aches and pains. The smooth Roller Wheel attachment provides a soothing rolling massage of sore and tired soft tissue. The one-inch Acupressure Knob gives a more intense direct pressure of tight trigger points. A third option is the Three-finger Scratcher for hard-to-reach places. Features a quick-release tab, so tool can easily be folded up for convenient travel.

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    Acuforce 7.0

    Helps reduce stress on the therapist’s thumbs, wrists and elbows by adding the weight of the device (7 lb.) to the pressure applied during therapy treatments. Can be used during muscle stripping, cross-fiber friction, and trigger-point therapy. Surface increases the effectiveness of creams and oils. Includes instructional video.

electric & manual massagers


Jeanie Accessory Kit™

vUse these attachments for a more targeted massage. This kit features precise, trigger point and pressure point therapy, as well as close-control extremity massage. These accessories fit any Jeanie Rub with accessory posts.


Jeanie Rub® Single-Speed

This professional grade massager has been making bodies feel better since 1996. Practical and economical, the original Jeanie Rub delivers consistent and invigorating, 3240 rpm of massaging action with the flip of a switch.


Magic Wand Massager

A favorite massager of PT’ s for over 20 years. Features two speeds: 5000 or 6000 vibrations per second. Electrical: 110/120V. UL listed.


G5™ Model GK-3® Massager/Percussor

• Large spoon applicator
• 31/2" diameter multiple-prong Pointed-tip applicator
• Four-ball applicator
• Large, round firm rubber applicator
• 25 Large disposable applicator covers


Infrared Heat Wand

Infrared heat provides fast relief to sore muscles with deep penetrating energy. Handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and convenience. Two heat settings.


Jeanie Rub Wall Hanger

Conveniently store your Jeanie Rub out of the way with the Wall Hanger. Provides easy access. Easily mounts to the wall with screws. Massager sold separately


Glide Point Wand

Air glide roller ball glides smoothly over bare skin or clothing, eliminating the use of messy gels and oils. Acupressure endpoint allows for precise compression of sore trigger points


Glide Point Ultra

Designed with a 2 1/8" solid stainless steel ball that rolls effortlessly across the skin, delivering a smooth, deep, penetrating hot or cool massage to soft tissue.



Treatment cushion restores proper neck posture and relieves neck pain and headaches. Durable design wipes clean.