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  • 33INFRACYANINE® 25 mg

    INFRACYANINE® 25 mg (iodine-free I.C.G.) is a fluorescent molecule used in medical imaging in ophthalmology and diagnosis in hepatology and cardiology. It is an iodine-free indicator dye; which makes it suitable for patients who are allergic to iodine. The fluorescent properties makes it very helpful in ophthalmology, to provide visualization of choroidal blood-flow by fluorescence angiography in the examination of the retina.

    INFRACYANINE® 25 mg is the substance which enables the ophthalmologist to diagnose and to treat patients more efficiently especially for cases due to age-related macular degeneration, being mainly responsible for the loss of sight after 50 years old.

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A non-animal, non-heated treatment for osteoarthritis. Like other visco-supplementation therapies, Suplasyn is designed to relieve pain for joints by increasing the lubrication and shock absorption in the knee. Suplasyn can also bring pain relief to other joints such as shoulder, hip, and elbow.



This product is one of the most popular orthopaedic injectables on the market currently. The synovial fluid that Hyalgan is similar to acts as a lubricant and shock absorber in your joints.Typically Hyalgan is used to treat people with osteoarthritis that has not been relieved by other methods


Novartis Ophthalmics LUCENTIS

Lucentis the first and only treatment proven in clinical trials to maintain and improve vision in patients with the degenerative eye disease wet AMD. Vision improvement with Lucentis treatment increases the ability of patients to perform everyday activities such as reading.



Rottapharm Go-on
Go-On (Hyaluronic acid). Visco-supplementation for synovial joints in osteoarthritis.