bathing & toileting

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    Deluxe Adjustable Bath Chair

    Three-position back allows for seat depth adjustment. Easy-to-install, tool-free assembly. Drainage holes in seat reduce slipping. Blow-molded bench and back. Lightweight

  • alu8

    Self Propelled Shower/Commode Wheelchair

    Made of Aluminium frame
    Rust-free. Detachable armrest and leg rest
    Front opening. Padded commode seat.
    Comes with pail.
    Made : China

  • alu13

    Economy Commode Chair

    Standard, height adjustable commode chair. Stainless-steel, foldable, height adjustable commode chair. Stainless-steel, foldable, height adjustable, mobile commode chair.
    Origin: Taiwan

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    Wall Mounted Shower Seat

    The sturdy design provides good lateral stability. Simply flip the seat up, and it is out of the way. When the seat is pulled down, the support legs fall automatically 

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    Universal Bath Seat

    This sturdy bench fits virtually all tubs and showers. Unique leg design allows length adjustment for uneven surfaces. Seats include a hand-held shower holder. No metal parts to rust or corrode. Available with or without back. Legs 2 3/8. Latex free.

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    Elevated Toilet Seat

    Assists those with postsurgical or traumatic injuries who need an extended hip position. Designed with a gentle slope on one side, and a cutout on the other side

  • bvn

    Blue Savanah Raised Toilet

    The world’s most comfortable raised toilet seat is now available in blue! Same great comfort and quality as the original Savanah, but in a stylish blue color. Overall: 13 3/4"W x 15 1/4"L. Bracket adjustment 12"–15". Wt. capacity 420 lbs

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    EX Seat Cushion

    Fits round or elongated toilet seats. Filled with soft, expandable polystyrene pellets. Durable, vinyl-coated, nylon outer shell is waterproof and tear-proof, and won’t slip

  • bvn

    Devon Elite Support Rail

    The support arms can be raised and will remain in the vertical position with the locking mechanism securing it in place. The arms are then easily lifted to release from the lock, which activates the spring mechanism that supports the weight of the rails as it lowers smoothly to the horizontal position.

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Flexible Inspection Mirror

Flexible acrylic mirror stays in position when bent. Adjustable plastic cuff accommodates full palmar grip or finger grasp. 6" x 4" mirror is 22" long.

Freedom Wand Mirror

Designed as a personal hygiene aid for toileting, applying ointment and bathing. Ideal for anyone who has limited mobility due to spinal injuries, shoulder limitations

Handsfree Acrylic Mirror

An acrylic cathing mirror for intermittent self-catheterization—using both hands. 33" flexible hose can be wrapped around the leg or thigh, and a 6 1/4" x 4 1/4"  


Advanced Toilet

With your hygiene in mind, our spray units combine advanced technological features such as sensitive temperature and water pressure controls to ensure thorough cleansing

Bidematic Bidet

Features a movable spout that remains hidden under the toilet rim when not in use. Water temperature and water spray are adjustable. The bidet has no electrical components

Shower Gurney

A 2" thick cushion pad for single patient use with wheelchairs or any seating surface. Features an incontinent-proof cover and single density open-cell foam for comfort

Sling Gurney

The sling gurney is ideal for transporting or showering. Safety rails secured with user-friendly lock pins ensure secure positioning. 


3-position Sling Gurney

Ideal for transporting and showering. Overall size 28"W x 33.5"H (201 x 71 x 85cm). Length of regular Sling is 79" (201cm), Pediatric Sling is 60" (152cm). 


Etac Raised Toilet Seats with Armrests

Offers a dynamic range of recline from 90° to 180°. Includes a durable, low-maintenance, triple chrome-plated carbon steel frame and urethane rear tires. Detachable, padded



Assistive Shower

Height adjustable.
Origin: Taiwan