splinting products

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    Peds Pac "B"

    Great for the small clinic that needs to have a variety of options available for pediatric patients. Contains one of each of the following, measuring 6"x12" (15x ... cm): 1/8"(3.2mm) Aquaplast Watercolors with Anti-Microbial Built-In

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    Perforations Pack

    This pack is a great way to sample the different colors and perforation patterns available from Rolyan. Each piece of Aquaplast-T and Watercolors measures 6" x 9" (11.4cm x 15.2cm) and has a non-stick coating. Latex Free.

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    T Resilient Splinting Material

    is a non-draping material that provides the control needed for proper conforming.
    • Translucent when heated.
    • 100% memory allows repeated reheating
    • Edges trim easily.
    • Latex free.

  • bvnEzeform with Anti-Microbial Built-In

    This low temperature thermoplastic has the same handling characteristics as Rolyan Ezeform with the added benefit of a built-in antimicrobial component to reduce odors.
    • Maximum resistance to stretch with superior draping and conforming qualities.
    • Stays in place while critical contours are molded.

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    Stainless Steel Heating Pans

    Stainless Steel Heating Pans Durable, stainless steel heating pans maintain ideal water temperature. Convenient, split-hinged lid minimizes evaporation while splinting. External drain valve for efficient emptying and cleaning.
    Available in 3 sizes.

    Compact model- (1000 watts)
    Inside dimension: 13" x 9 ½” x 2 ¼” Stainless steel liner.

    Economy model- (600 watts)
    Inside dimension: 191/2" x 117/8" x4 1/2"
    Outside dimensions: 23 1/2" x14 1/4" x 7"

    Deluxe model- (720 watts)
    Inside dimension: 24 1/2" x 18 1/2" x 5" Fits a fuIl 18"x24" sheet!
    Outside dimensions: 28 112" x 21" x 7"

  • bvnEconomy Moleskin Rolls

    High-quality, self-adhesive, soft padding in a convenient dispenser box. Paper backing. 1/32" x 12" x 5 yd. (0.8mm x 30cm x 4.6m). *Caution: This product contains natural

  • 182Utility Knife

    Features knuckle guard and secure grip. Remains stable while scoring splinting material. Latex free.

  • bvn Hook and Loop: Self Adhesive and Non-Adhesive

    Hook and loop now available with even stronger adhesive to provide better performance. Adheres best to dry clean surfaces. Remove coating from low temperature thermoplastics and soften adhesive using heating gun to facilitate stronger bond. Latex free.

splinting accessories


Kay-Splint Basic Drape Beige

• Excellent control
• Intimate conformability with minimum handling
• Extremely rigid; no reinforcement required
• Minimum resistance to fingerprinting

Kay-Splint Basic ll Blend

Moderate resistance to stretchThe most versatile Kay-Splint materialEasy moldability, controlled stretch and moderate drape Latex free. Made in USA. Handling



Polyflex 2 with Microbial

Polyflex II AM is formulated with an antimicrobial component to prevent odors caused by harmful bacteria. The antimicrobial feature also improves the wear and the esthetics



Proplast Splinting Material

This innovative splinting material is a composite of a low temperature thermoplastic with memory that is covered on one side with a stretchable, black, hook respective fabric




Silent Heat

Lightweight, self-standing model
Ideal for bonding and spot heating splinting materials
UL listed. 3 prong plug. 550 watts, 110 volts
Supplied with 650° F heating element
Spot heater sold separately | WF2411 Silent Heat Gun
Replacement Heat Elements
500°F - WF2455 | 650°F - WF2456 | 800°F - WF-245


CLIKStrips™ MP Flexion kit

This kit contains everything needed to make one MP flexion Inelastic Mobilization Splint.
1). Reveals™ precut splint base
2). Pre-molded Cobra™ Outrigger
3). ClikStrips™ Inelastic Mobilization
Splinting Component
4). Fabriplast finger sling
5). Monofilament
6). Line crimps


Cotton Stockinette

High-quality 100% cotton stockinette. Densely knit tubular bandage stretches up to three times its original size for conformability. Ideal for use on skin during splinting and cast fabrication. 25 yd (22.86m). Latex free.


Fiskars® Heavy-Duty Shop Shears.

High-carbon, serrated, stainless-steel blades for precise cutting. Molded handles maximize cutting power. Right handed only. Length 9" (22.9cm). Latex free.



Curved Mayo Scissors

Trim and shape softened, low-temperature thermoplastic splinting materials. Stainless-steel blades are slightly curved to facilitate cutting around curves. Slim design helpful when removing bandages. Latex free.