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    A buffered wireless Iontophoresis system, the ActivaPatch is a technologically advanced, self-contained smart iontophoretic drug delivery system designed for the delivery of negatively charged ionic solutions.  Effective: Fully integrated Smart Power system, no dose controller. Convenient: NO saline needed. Fast Delivery: 40 mA*min in 1:15 hrs; 80 mA*min in 2.5 hrs. Accurate: Timer-controlled, definitive shut-off at end of treatment.

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    Performa VE Buffered Electrodes

    Revolutionary Design: The PerformaVE is a low profile, buffered iontophoresis electrode designed to maximize drug delivery and speed patient recovery. It uses state of the art technology to optimize the capabilities of a buffered iontophoresis system. Uniform Distribution: PerformaVE uses a Viscosity Enhancing Agent to distribute current more uniformly and deliver drug evenly.

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    Chattanooga Ionto™

    The dual channel Chattanooga Ionto device delivers constant current no matter the resistance level. By varying the voltage output as resistance changes, the device consistently delivers the programmed dose. The device's pause feature lets you check the treatment area without restarting the session.  Features:
    2-channels to treat two sites or deliver two medications simultaneously. Previous dosage can be set as default to maintain frequently used treatment parameters. Beeping alerts if electrode fault for open current or high impedance, low battery, treatment completion or power left on. Automatic 30 second current ramp up and down during power on/off keeps patient comfortable. Constant current provides precise, accurate delivery regardless of skin impedance. Current can be set in 0.1 mA increments between 0.5 mA and 4 mA.

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    Companion 80™ Wireless Iontophoresis

    The 24-hour controlled power iontophoresis system with battery on-board.Wireless system allows patients to receive the benefits of iontophoresis while continuing their daily activities. Key Features Include:
    • Current regulating circuitry compensates for differences and changes in skin resistance.
    • Dose cutoff switch is activated at 80mA-min.
    • Reserve battery capacity allows for long electrode life (no expiration date).
    • Short circuit protection ensures quality drug delivery.
    • Hypoallergenic adhesive is flexible and conformable. 

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    IontoPatch 80™, IontoPatch™ SP and IontoPatch STAT. Self-contained, ultra-thin battery technology eliminates the need for external batteries or wires. The IontoPatch, IontoPatch SP and IontoPatch STAT are prepared by the clinician and applied to the patient in the clinic. Wireless technology allows patients to return to their daily activities or continue with therapy while receiving time-released iontophoresis. The Iontopatch and Iontopatch SP are designed to shut off automatically when the prescribed dose has been administered. 

iontophoresis items


Phoresor® PM900

• Pre-programmed
   - Dose: 40 mA
   - Current Settings: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 mA
• One-touch push button operation for ease of use
• Includes twin lead wires, one 9-volt battery, carrying case and instruction guide



Revolutionary clover shape surrounds treatment area in two directions. Increased adhesive area secures drug electrode better
• One year limited warranty


Phoresor® II Auto PM850

• Fully programmable
– Dose Range: 0–80 mA-minutes
– Current Range: 0–4.0 mA
• Includes twin lead wires, two 9-volt batteries, carrying case and instruction guide


Trivarion Iontophoresis Electrodes

Unique design conforms extremely well to uneven treatment sites. Delivers ions with a precise pH balance up to 80 mA/min.  Features of these electrodes include:
• Maximum strength, precise buffering with new Carbon-Ag/AgCl technology
• Large ground electrode surface area lowers sensation and increases comfort
• Highly absorbent drug matrix
– no messy hydrogel
• Large surface adhesion area


IOMED TransQFlex®.

• Revolutionary clover shape surrounds treatment area in two directions
• Increased adhesive area secures drug electrode better. Specs:
Active Area 11.2 cm2
Approx. Fill Volume 2.5 cc
Conductive Element SSC
Expiration No expiration
Maximum Current 4.0 mA
Maximum Dosage 80 mA-min
Recommended Dosage 40 mA-min
Sell Packaging 12 Kits/Carton
Skin Interface Gel Sponge®



Silver-Silver Chloride Drug Delivery Electrode Conductive Element Extremely efficient conductive material results in improved drug transport and maintains drug pH as formulated. Silver-Silver Chloride electrodes optimize delivery of a broad range of drugs. Eliminates hydrolysis of water, gas production and shifts in pH. Increases drug transport while minimizing skin irritation and burns. GelSponge® Drug Matrix This Matrix ensures complete contact between drug electrode and skin, even in highly contoured areas.