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From childhood to old age, vision is important and people need to act to protect themselves against eye injury and disease. Some predictions indicate that by the year 2020, 80 million people across the world will have glaucoma. In conjunction with World Glaucoma Day 2010, AHTI Enterprise sponsored a media event to explain the impact of various ophthalmic diseases on daily life and how research is tackling the challenge of undiagnosed diseases. The campaign is all about awareness of the importance of good vision and of simple ways to reduce threats to sight from disease, degeneration and trauma.

The Ahti Team in action - promoting and educating healthcare products to the public during a roadshow in Suria City Hotel Johor Bahru on 27th March 2010.

AHTI ON tv3 - 18th February 2010

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Pn Dartati Adnan as guest speaker for "The Franch Oil" on TV3's Wanita Hari Ini
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After almost a decade, we’ve now decided to undergo a rebranding makeover and welcome the New Year with a more exciting and innovative logo. Once our new logo was developed, it was time to port this great new look into a fantastic new website for all our online customers worldwide. And that’s why you’re now looking at a brand new AHTI Enterprise website, complete with new features, functions and a modern Zen layout. As our site is now database driven, it allows us to update features that we have and add new ones as we grow much more conveniently. But don’t let all this hi-tech talk sidetrack you, because apart from our fresh new look, we at AHTI Enterprise, have always maintained affordable pricing for our wide range of high quality products and continue to strive to provide you with excellent rehab and healthcare products, and the information you need enabling you to make educated decisions about the right products for you.

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