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  • SPL


    There's a version suited to every splinting challenge you might come across. So, no matter how comfortable you are with splinting, or what your preference in properties there's a right splinting version for you.

  • Rehab Supplies

    At AHTI Enterprise, we offer an extensive selection of specialized rehab and medical supplies. Our innovative rehab solutions and integrated healthcare products are designed to support our customers’ needs and improve their daily living.
    Rehab Supplies

  • Modalities

    Here at AHTI Enterprise, we provide modalities that facilitate the patient’s effort to actively carry out exercises designed for the injured part and not in place of the active exercise.

  • Healthcare Store

    We offer independent living products such as low vision products, mobility aids, treatment furniture, modalities and splinting tools and accessories to be of assistance for you to enjoy an efficient lifestyle. 
    Healthcare Store

  • 2Catalogue

    Checkout our new exciting html-based online catalogue for 2010 with new and exciting products!

other products


In collaboration with industry leaders, we are dedicated
to providing revolutionary standards of care in the Ophthalmic Industry in Malaysia.


With hundreds of Mobility Aids in the market at present,
we at AHTI Enterprise have selected only the finest products of highest quality that suit your lifestyle.


We at AHTI are grateful for the opportunity to serve your needs and look forward to helping you achieve success in your dailyhealth needs.